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Ron Baese Music, BMI

Co-writing services are available by contacting Ron. If you have an idea or lyrics you would like to put to music, this may be done as “ work for hire “ or for a “share of the copyright “.

From your lyrics, we will build a melody and chord structure, and then polish your song in the studio. You will receive an Mp3, CD, and Copyright for your song as agreed to.

Contact Ron at: ronbaese@yahoo.com
Baese Music, B.M.I.

ARMS FULL OF EMPTY (© Baese & McKnight / McKnight) You said I've got pockets full of promises that never have come true...

Cari McKnight

Cari McKnight

SOMETIMES EVEN PICTURES TELL A LIE (© Baese & Thomas / Ottolini) You said you don't know where you'll go .. what you're running to or from .. I really hope all this is worth .. whom ever you've become.

Linda and Emory Thomas..."Roll Tide!"

Linda & Emory Thomas

SUNSHINE (Baese & Hodo) A song about post traumatic stress disorder (P.T.S.D.). I close my eyes but I don't drift away...To places with faces that beckon I stay...

Dennis "Doc" Hodo

Dennis Hodo

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