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My Favorites - Writer / Vocalist) Produced and Arranged by Treppler
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ARMS FULL OF EMPTY (© Baese & McKnight / McKnight) I've got pockets full of promises that never have come true.
WONDER JUST HOW FAR WE'D GO (© Baese / Ray) Two old friends, too much wine, and that " what if " question. Friends don't hit on friends? Wrong.
NON-BELIEVER (© Baese / Cunningham) Don't ask me I'm a non-beleiver ... I don't believe in love.
IN WALKED YOU (© Baese / LiVigni) She's in the right place, at the right time, in the right dress, drinking the right wine … when in walks you. The old boyfriend.
THE LINES I WRITE (©Baese / Turlington ) –But you will hear them on the radio...There in between the lines I write...You're gonna hear them on the radeo...Somewhere some dark and gloomy night...
I CAN'T DO THIS ANYMORE(© Baese / Graven) I can't do this anymore...I don't want to live this lie...I can't do this anymore...That kiss was just goodbye.
PLAYING OUR SONG (© Baese / Ottolini) He writes her a love song, she's planning a break up, the songs is a hit, now she is trying to keep him.
TEETER TOTTER (© Baese / Evans) An up and down love affair, teeters back and forth on loves crest, how do we save it?

TIME DON'T TRUMP THE HEART (©Baese / Graven ) –When you're in love...Time don't play a part...When you're in love...Age don't trump the heart.
HE'LL MISS THE RIDE(© Baese / Baese) She was a bucking bronco from the very start...Twisting and turning herway into my heart...We burned through love and money but putting that aside...Looking back it was quite a ride.
Male Songs - (Writer / Vocalist) Produced and Arranged by Treppler
WHISPERED YOUR NAME (© Baese / Martin) You can't hold the hands of time...but I still feel your hand in mine. Think of the movie Ghost.
IT DEPENDS ON YOU (© Baese / Martin) About marriage. Maybe I will, maybe I won't, maybe I do or maybe I don't ... whatever I do, depends on you.

YOU'RE THE PROBLEM TO MY ANSWER (© Baese / Martin) YYou're the problem to my answer...You're the problem this I know...You're the problem to my answer...and you're the reason I don't go.
ONCE I DID HAVE WELL ENOUGH WITH YOU (© Baese/Baese) “I look for you from time to time, Up here on the stage, Remembering how this used to feel, Now I only feel my age…”
PLAYING THROUGH THE PAIN (© Baese / Baese) You say you don't know what she can see in me...Maybe she has found...The man I used to be...
INCLUDING ME (© Baese / Martin) Just because I've been blind, don't mean that I can't see .. and everything has changed …. including me. Reaching out.
FALLEN ANGEL (© Baese) Love song. Fallen angel .. you still can find your Halo in my eyes. A true story written for a great person and good friend.
THIS IS NOW (© Baese / Martin) Love song with a "That was then, this is now" theme. Didn't share first kiss, first love or marriage, but that was then .. and this is now.
I DON'T SING WITH MEMORIES (© Baese / Ray) If you sing with memories your heart just can't be free. He no longer sings the old songs ... about her.
BECAUSE (© Baese / Baese) She loves and laughs and leaves them, giving nothing for a reason, nothing but the simple word ... because. Find out the reason why.
LET A SLEEPING DOG LIE (© Baese / Martin) Just leave it alone...let a sleeping dog lie.
WHAT IT COMES DOWN TO (© Baese / Martin) Lot's of things to do, places to go but I'd rather spend my time with you … that's what it comes down to.
WRONG SHEET OF MUSIC (© Baese / Beck) You're on the wrong sheet of music...to play a tune with me...
JUST THE WAY YOU ARE FOREVER (© Baese /Martin) His love is not .. I'll love you if or I'll love you when .. it's I'll love you just the way you are, forever.
THE HEART STILL RULES THE MAN (© Baese / Ray) My heart says that I love her, my mind says … not so fast. Does the heart win out in the end?
DIVORCED WHITE MALE (© Baese / Beck) An ad in the personal column? Not the way to a woman's heart. Meant to be very funny, not a slam on the ladies.
DONE TOLD YOU WHERE I'VE BEEN(© Baese / Ray) That glass there on the table with the lipstick on the rim, don't add nothing to my story, I've done told you where I've been. Would you believe the other women is her sister? Bad choice.
WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT(© Baese / Baese) *COMING SOON* Tell me baby what the heck was that...You've left me flattered but confused...Never been kissed with a kiss like that...
Female Songs - (Writer / Vocalist) Producer and Arranged by Treppler
WHAT YOU WON'T SAY (© Baese & Makowski / Ottolini) I'm searching for the answer, I really need to know, exactly what it is .... that made you go. 5/25/08
I'M THE ONE (© Baese / Heinemann) A somewhat tempered in your face goodbye. Late some night you'll wake to find my memory standing there, saying I'm the One.
TIME TO BREATHE (© Baese / McKnight) She said I need time to breathe, now I’m holding my breath…
ONE MAN WOMAN (© Baese / Heinemann) One man woman .. one woman man ... it's a simple concept baby .. I think you'll understand.
SOMETIMES EVEN PICTURES TELL A LIE (© Baese & Thomas / Ottolini) You said you don't know where you'll go .. what you're running to or from .. I really hope all this is worth .. whom ever you've become.
TWO HEARTS … THREE WORDS … FOREVER (©Baese / Mcknight ) – Love’s not given to a band of gold, it’s Given to a heart that’s true…
THIRD GRADE VALENTINE (© Baese / Ottolini) A third grade valentine saying true love don't end ... where do you go to find a man like Billy ... Again?
WORDS LIKE THESE (© Baese / Heinemann) Song with a twist. Too many times words like these, led to a broken heart. She's afraid to write them to her diary.
I CAN LOVE YOU THAT WAY (© Baese / Ottolini) Are you trusted and true, will you always come through, I can love you that way. A love song.
WHAT HE WANTS ME TO KNOW (© Baese / K.C. Carr) Am I his only .. or someone else who, waits by the phone and shares a part of him too? Cheating?
FREEDOM FEELS LIKE ALL ALONE (© Baese / Hendrixson) It's all in the title. And the answer she is searching for is an answer I can’t find, if there are no vows left to hold me now, why do memories chains still bind...
NON-BELIEVER (© Baese / Ottolini) Don't ask me I'm a non-beleiver ... I don't believe in love.
TO ROB THE BANK OF LOVE TONIGHT (© Baese / Heinemann) She's back on the town looking for love and she won't need a gun to rob the bank of love tonight.

KNOCK KNOCK (© Baese / Evans) A lovers spat, he's gone, she wants him back!
Duet - (Writer / Vocalist) Producer and Arranged by Treppler
WRONG SHEET OF MUSIC (© Baese /) Cat and mouse, back and forth between the singers. She likes his words, but he's way too fast for her. He needs to slow down the tempo to have a chance with her. IN PROGRESS
Christian – (Writer / Vocalist) Produced and Arranged by Treppler
WE THANK YOU LORD (© Baese / ) Up tempo praise song thanking God for all he has done for us. Meant to be sung by a choir or congregation. IN PROGRESS
ANGELS AT MY FEET (© Baese & Georges / ) Story of a run away young girl in Gods care. IN PROGRESS

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